Market America’s CEO JR Ridinger

If you haven’t heard of Market America, it is a fascinating marketing company that changes the way people shop by setting up entrepreneurs with their own website that allows people to sell a variety of items including cosmetics, household products, jewlery, auto products and more.


At the helm of Market America is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, JR Ridinger. As Market America CEO, he founded Market America in 1992 and since then has grown the aspect of Market America to operate in nine countries across the globe and operate with annual sales of over $1 billion dollars. has over 90 million products available to consumers.


As Market America CEO, JR is passionate about putting the needs of the consumer first and has believed in the buying power of the collective to change the way the market presents purchase options. He is known as an early adopter and advocate for computers, claiming in 1994 that one day every person would own one and that computers would help change the way consumers shop.


Market America and were created by JR with the goal of giving entrepreneurs a simple and lucrative business model that would turn consumers spending into eventual earning. By spending consumers receive rewards that can be turned into additional purchases, shifting the way that buyers look at their spending habits and return on that spend.


JR is a graduate of Gettysburg College and currently lives in Miami Beach with his wife Loren. He has two daughters, Amanda and Amber and two grandchildren, named Ayva and ayden