Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Professional Advice on Sleep

Normally, the average person requires seven to nine hours of sleep. If you sleep an extra couple of hours a night it is likely you will notice a positive change in approximately three weeks. However sleeping less than six hours a night can have negative effects on your looks. Professional healthcare experts reveal that appearance is not the only thing that suffers from extra sleep but your health also. It is professionally tested that individuals who appear healthy is because they are getting enough sleep. Failure to get enough sleep can be manifested through several symptoms such as sagging eyes, dark circles, red eyes, or swollen eyelids.

Introducing Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Avi is an entrepreneurial dentist who is dedicated in finding a solution for people with sleep difficulties. Avi insists that although stress can be a contributing factor, through the release of hormone cortisol, lack of sleep also contributes to hair loss. Additionally, Weisfogel indicated that if your eyes are puffy, it is likely due to lack of sleep. Further, if you have blood pooled underneath your eyes, it is likely your blood is not flowing well. As a result it ends up collecting underneath your eye. Due to the skins softness in this area, dark circles are formed. Although these dark circles mighty be formed as a result of continuous use of makeup, lack of sleep is usually its main cause. A dull complexion is also an additional effect of lack of enough sleep. This is because your blood flow increases when you are asleep. Consequently, you may appear healthier when you wake up as compared to when you wake up without getting enough sleep.

Dr. Avi insists that an individual who has not had enough sleep has a barren appearance, which causes wrinkles and other complexional effects. These effects are mainly because, when you sleep, your body produces collagen, which works on restoring your look of the skin. For instance, if you sleep for a minimum of five hours, your skin will have enough room for complexion development. However, sleeping for only two hours will add more wrinkles on your skin. Apart from that, your skin will also be dry and will appear dull.