Gregory Aziz Pushed National Steel Car to New Heights

As the Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz has made quite a name for himself in the auto industry. Greg Aziz has been involved with National Steel Car since he arranged for the purchase of the company in 1994. He had previously worked with his family wholesale business in the food industry through Affiliated Foods. His experience in business paved the way for him to become a successful executive in the auto industry.


When Gregory Aziz took over National Steel Car, he sought to launch the company into being the preeminent auto engineering and manufacturing company in North America. While National Steel Car was already a prominent business in Canada at the time he took over, Gregory J Aziz had his sights on expanding its horizon and increasing its auto engineering and manufacturing capabilities to a whole new level. In the first five years of Aziz’s ownership alone, National Steel Car increased the number of employees on its payroll by 500 percent. This was a major step in enabling the company to produce more cars faster and set the pace for the rest of the auto industry to try to keep up with.


Although National Steel Car is still known for its incredible production capabilities today, Aziz has led the company down a new path of becoming one of the most cutting-edge innovators in car design and production. National Steel Car is becoming a thought leader in the auto industry and has been investing significant time and resources into creating even more efficient and powerful vehicles. Aziz has never been stagnant in his vision for the company and has gone above and beyond in recruiting top talent to make his dreams for National Steel Car come to fruition sooner rather than later.


Thanks to the phenomenal growth and success that National Steel Car has experienced under Gregory J Aziz ‘s visionary leadership, the auto company is now a leader in giving back to the community. National Steel Car is a major supporter of the Salvation Army and the United Way Foundation. The company also frequently participates in community food drives and soup kitchens, which includes employees volunteering their own time in the spirit of giving. Greg Aziz has set a fine example of the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the local community. Along with his wife Irene, Greg Aziz is a major sponsor of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Hamilton, Canada.


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Greg Aziz Has Made National Steel Car The Industry Leader It Is Today

Greg Aziz is the President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, which is a leader in the railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing industry. His hard work has earned the Hamilton, Ontario based company a spectacular reputation as a company that does more than the minimum to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers in the railroad industry. James Aziz was born in London, Ontario and studied at Ridley College before going on to study at the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics.


In 1971, Greg Aziz teamed up with his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods and helped to turn it into a leader in its industry. During his time there, Affiliated Foods became a global importer of fresh food from South America, Central America, and Europe and distributed it to locations across Eastern Canada and the U.S.A. He eventually moved on from the family business and began to work on different investment banking ventures in New York. Eventually, in 1994, he put together the purchase of National Steel Car by the company, Dofasco. The purpose of the purchase was to acquire the company and turn it into the greatest railroad freight car manufacturer in the whole of North America.


Greg Aziz focused on highlighting the company’s team-building capabilities, engineering strengths, and drew on capital investments to expand the manufacturing abilities. Eventually, National Steel Car went from manufacturing 3,500 cars a year to 12,000 cars a year. Aziz also grew the employees of the company from 600 to roughly 3,000 during this time. Today, Mr. Aziz continues to make the company better; in fact, his efforts have made National Steel Car the clear leader in innovation for new cars while continuing to pump out quality freight cars along the way. A fact that Aziz is proud of is that National Steel Car is the only certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing and engineering freight car company in North America, and it has been for almost two decades. The company has also received the TTX SECO highest quality award, year after year, since 1996.


Greg Aziz and National Steel Car don’t just operate to make profit but also to help others in the Hamilton community. Part of the efforts of the company and Mr. Aziz have been to sponsor local arts and charities, such as, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and many others. Along with this, his company holds a yearly food drive for local food banks and the employees of National Steel Car participate in this.

Banco Bradesco’s Company Slogan Is “Presence Is Bradesco” According To New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Bradesco, the private Brazilian bank, is making headlines for a number of reasons. The bank is rolling out a high-income client area, and the bank is also promoting its insurance division, Banco Seguros, as the insurance provider that will cover Brazilians when things go sour in the largest country in Latin America. Only 43 percent of the bank’s clients have enough insurance to cover them personally and in business. Health insurance is Seguros main source of revenue. Health insurance revenue in 2016 was $11.5 billion. That was an 11 percent increase over the 2015 revenue figure. Seguros is the golden goose in the Bradesco family, and that is one reason Seguros President Octavio de Lazari may be the next CEO of Bradesco. Octavio de Lazari got the Seguros job in May 2017, but he has a reputation for being a man who can get things done. The Seguros figures confirm that statement.

Bradesco is looking for a new CEO, but the bank is not looking outside the bank for management expertise. Bradesco likes to promote from within, and that practice has paid off. The bank is a well-organized banking machine with more than 4,600 local branches, and more than 29,000 ATMs spread across the country. The current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, is a former Seguros president. Trabuco is the man Wall Street likes. That’s one reason he is replacing long-time bank Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is a permanent fixture in the banking world. He got into banking when he went to work for Bradesco in 1943. Trabuco didn’t arrive on the banking scene until 1969, but both men have contributed an enormous amount of talent, knowledge, and hard work to make the Bank what it is today. Today, Bradesco is a revenue giant with a net worth of more than $65 billion.

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Replacing Trabuco is not the easiest thing, even though there are seven qualified men standing in line for the job. Trabuco is one of those CEOs that likes to mingle with the more than 100,000 Bradesco employees. He may not know all of them, but he has an open-door policy that encourages employee feedback and employee complaints. Some bank employees say Lázaro de Mello Brandão will be a hard act to follow, but Trabuco and Brandão have a special banking relationship. The men complement each other because they have different management styles according to But it’s time for 91-year-old Brandão to move on, and investors think Trabuco is the right man to replace him.

The seven bankers who have a shot at the CEO position are Octavio de Lazari, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Mauricio Machado de Minas, Andre Cano, Marcelo Noronha and Alexandre da Silva Glüher. Those men currently hold high-level Bradesco positions. Octavio de Lazari is president of Seguros, Abreu is in charge of the loan division, de Minas is the head of the bank’s IT department, Cano is the human resource director, Noronha is the investment specialist, Pancini is chief of operations, and da Silva Glüher is the head of risk management.

The new CEO will take over after the annual shareholders meeting on The March 2018 meeting will be a great time to introduce a new CEO as well as discuss the wins and losses of 2017. The meeting will also give Brandão a chance to say a few words about his banking career. The meeting will also give Trabuco a chance to discuss future projects and revenue projections, and to keep the slogan, “Presence is Bradesco” in play. Bradesco is riding high in the banking world, and the new management structure should keep the bank on the right track, according to Wall Street financial analysts.

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Louis Chenevert’s Legacy Came from a Multi-Focus Plan

Louis Chenevert has left a legacy that we all would be wise to learn from and wiser still to follow.

His legacy began at HEC of Montreal, the extremely prestigious and respected affiliate of the University of Montreal. It was here that he received the Production Management Bachelors. He would use his wisdom here to begin changing the aerospace industry.

After a successful run in both General Motors and Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert would become the top official in the United Technologies Corporation, or UTC for short. It was here that he would do several things that would constitute his legacy.

Firstly, Chenevert set out a goal to grow and empower the people that already worked for him. Many Chief Executive Officers will not take the time to train the workers underneath them. They feel that they should just be fired and new and better employees should be hired in their place. Chenevert faced that decision early in his tenure as CEO.

There were several engineers who worked for a plant whose production was sinking significantly. Chenevert took the time to understand their skills and, rather than firing them, move them to a plant in Connecticut where their skills could be useful. As a result, both plants saw in increase in effectiveness.

Secondly, Chenevert let UTC to become environmentally safe. Gas emissions were a problem for UTC at one point. However, under Chenevert tutelage, the company cut gas emissions significantly. However, that is nothing compared to the water consumption that Chenevert saved.

Thirdly, Chenevert instilled into each and every worker the integrity to not cut corners in production, not to lie about costs, and to work their hardest.

From there Chenevert would acquire several companies to make UTC more competitive. He would go on to acquire Otis, the world’s largest elevator company. Also, and this would be record breaking, he acquired Goodrich for a grand total of $16.3 million.

It was through worker empowerment, environmental awareness, integrity, and acquisitions, that Chenevert was able to take the United Technologies Corporation and make it the $63 billion company it is today.